Friday, May 30, 2008

Three and a Half Days and Counting!

Yes it is finally true! School is almost out for summer....I know, some districts are already out, but remember Alvin in all of their wisdom kept fall break. So some districts were out today but we still need to go through finals. I'm looking forward to summer, I plan many trips to the local library and anything else that is inside and cool. We have a Lego store opening up in our mall, so I envision many trips there as well. I hope to see many of you this summer!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crime and Corruption in Friendswood

So I never got to blog about Tobie taking care of his ticket....So when Tobie missed his court date, the City of Friendswood charged him $200 for bond...They set a new court date and while we were both suffering with the stomach flu Tobie got his car inspected with the idea that with the new inspection, Friendswood would just charge court fees and Tobie would be on his way. So, court day arrives, Tobie goes in without any idea as to the charges for the two tickets. Apparently Friendswood does not post the prices for what each ticket is worth. Its not on the back of the ticket and its not on their website. So they divide this big group of people up into two groups...Tobie assumes into moving and non-moving violations...again its not posted so he has no idea. He gets up to a court clerk, shows him the inspection...well apparently Friendswood needs new roads. They claim that Tobies ticket was going to be $297, but just for him $197...suspiciously close to the $200 bond they already got out of Tobie. When he paid the bond, the clerk told him he would get back any money that he did not have to pay toward his tickets...hmmmmm. Sounds like a scam. How much would the ticket have been if he did not have to pay the bond??? So Tobie goes up to the check out window and the lady tries to tell Tobie that she does not think they can write a check for less than five dollars and Tobie was only due three dollars!!!! Talk about a scam! So with no posting of what anything costs, they seem to be able to make up any price they want, and sense they already had $200 from Tobie, they were going to find a way to keep it. Tobie said when he left, he felt "Dirty". Like they were pulling a scam on everyone who walked through the door. So surprising to both of us, last week we received a check for $3 from the City of Friendswood. I guess they decided that they actually knew how to write checks for less than $5.

Ticket for no inspection $197 Ticket for no proof of insurance $0....Feeling like you go ripped off by the City of Friendswood...Priceless

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sick Again!!!

I can not believe it!!! I am sick again. This time with strep throat! I think the last time I had strep throat, I was in college. I just can't seem to catch a break. Luckily HEB has a clinic, so instead of me just getting worse and worse until Monday, I ran up to the grocery store and got seen in 15 minutes. I love that place. Saw the nurse, got a prescription and grocery shopped all in about an hour. Now that is what I call service. Hope everyone has a good Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I fell of the wagon

Ever sense Tobie and I had our touch of stomach flu I have fallen off the FLYlady wagon. So far the only thing I have managed to keep up is making my bed in the morning. I have randomly this week swished and swiped two of my bathrooms....but I have fallen back into my old ways of waiting until the weekend to get things done. I guess what is good about the system is that I can just jump back in and not feel too bad about it...