Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stupid MySpace

If you keep checking your MySpace account be warned. People have been receiving spam using email addresses from people in you friends list. I got a email from MySpace that said that Tobie posted a comment. Well, I went on, saw his name, accepted his comment. Then when he got home, I told him the link he posted did not work....needless to say, he never sent that message. And not only that, he has been getting messages from his "friends" as well, and they have never sent them. And to top it all off, people at his work have also been receiving these messages and the emails are showing up on their work email accounts!!!! I went in today and canceled my account. If they can use other peoples email to send messages...its just asking for trouble. SO LONG MYSPACE!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily Grind

Not a whole lot going on now that the holidays are behind us. The kids are back at school, and are doing well. Izaac has been doing very well lately...He went from 3-4 "red" days a week, early in the school year to all "green" days for many, many weeks now. He is well settled into being four and feels very comfortable with school and the expectations that they have for him. Lets just hope he can carry that into Kindergarten next year! He started at the Little Gym last week and loves every minute of it. He goes around the house trying to stand on his hands and trying to do cartwheels. His coaches told Tobie "Boy! He has alot of energy!" As if we didn't know. Maybe next time they will have him run a few laps around the gym to wear him out. I'm sure he will learn many new skills, but all Tobie and I want is a happy and TIRED kid when he is done! Izaac got to go to "Safety Day" at Tobie's work this past Friday, and had a wonderful day. So much so that he conked out in the car on the way home and then proceeded to sleep all night! Maybe that is what it will be like when he doesn't take naps at school!
Ivy is a pill!!!! She has been fighting a cold and teething all at the same time. And she does not teeth well, if you know what I mean. We have been living on Motrin and Orajel for the past week. But I am retiring Orajel due to a bite so bad that she almost drew blood from my finger! The mornings have been a nightmare...I can't hardly put her down without her throwing a fit and when Tobie tries to help, she gets offended and throws and even bigger fit. On two different days she has gone to school partially dressed because she threw such a fit about getting dressed. Wednesday we walked into school with her holding her shoes. The morning lady just laughs as I bring her in. But, she actually slept all night last night, so maybe we are turning the corner.
Thats it for now...sorry, still no Christmas pictures...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where does the time go?

Well, the holidays are over and I am back to work and I really don't know where the time went. We started getting ready for the Christmas holidays by buying out IKEA. I swear it seems like our whole house was bought from there. We decided to move the shelves that Tobie had in his office up to Ivy's room and then finish her room off with the matching dresser...have to say I am very happy with I just have to organize. We finally bought shelves for upstairs and according to Tobie the play room is done...only it would be perfect if we painted and got new carpet though...oh well, that will have to wait. Then we reorganized the office so we have one very big desk...big enough that I now have room for my things...its the small things that make me happy. We finally moved the poker table out of the "dining room" which opened up a ton more room for toys! We actually slimmed down the amount of toys downstairs, so we are not constantly tripping over them. And all of this was done before Christmas...

SO with that being said...No one has gotten Christmas cards...nor have we even ordered them...Right before the holidays Tobie was working tons of overtime (61 hours in one week) trying to get his project flying...and you all know my computer skills. So no cards. We will get to it even if they are Happy St. Patrick Day cards...Sad, I know.

As far as I can tell:) Tobie has not put any of our holiday pictures on the computer, so I am sadly having to post without pictures...I just could not wait any longer...Shelly was giving me too much grief:) And again relying on my skills with technology means that all of the pictures are trapped on the cameras:) I will bug him about it.

New Years was very laid back, more enjoyable then being out in the craziness. Izaac managed to stay up to 11:45, I did not worry about it because the people in my neighborhood had been popping fireworks all night, so he saw his share, even if it was not the finale at midnight. It is sad thinking back on the years, they go so fast now. We lost Butch, and Charlotte in '07, but gained Nolan. Hopefully this year will be only filled with joy.

We did manage a trip to LA before the new year, where Tobie got addicted to Guitar Hero III. On the ride home we called every Walmart and was able to acquire our very own Guitar Hero, lucky us. It is fun to watch...too frustrating for me to play. Shelly and the kids made it down last Thursday, and we managed to make it to the Health Museum to see the Sesame Street body expose. The kids had a great time!

Well with that, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! To those of you we do not see often, we miss you all more during the holidays and wish we could have been with you. Good wishes for the new year. May '08 bring you peace, joy and love!!!