Friday, October 26, 2007

Reno Here We Come

Well, I am off to Reno with Tobie. Really have no idea what to expect. Tobie has to do the conference thing.My big plans are to sleep late and shop. I am aiming high! We just dropped the kids off with their aunt and uncle in Spring, and we have yet to pack. Don't know how I feel about leaving the kids for five days. I am sure it will sink in the first morning I get to sleep late. They will be in Spring for two days and then they get to go visit Gran and Papa for three days. We will be back Halloween afternoon, so we will not miss out on Trick or Treating! If you were reading...I finally found my keys! Thank goodness for small favors.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where is My Mind?

Well, I am having one of those weeks where it seems like you will never make it to the weekend...and it is only Tuesday! I lost my car keys on Saturday and I have yet to find them. I have also lost some important papers at work, which should not be hard to find because they are a stack about four inches thick, yet no one at work has seen them... And to top it all off my mother had to remind me that it was my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Not doing so well, and I could go on but it would just get sad. Most weeks I can look forward to the weekend to rest but that is not the case this weekend...Friday there is a chili cook and a work party to go to. Saturday we have a t-ball game and a wedding. Sunday is church, Sunday school for Izaac and a birthday party. Maybe I will rest next year.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nothing Exciting

Well, I think I am actually getting good at this blog thing. I don't have something to write every day, but I think if I can write once a week I will be doing good. I definitely am having an easier time putting pictures on the page. So as long as Tobie is putting the new photos on the computer I can update with new photos.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Break

Well my Alvin induced, random, week of vacation has come to an end. Unfortunately I can not say that I got anything done. You would think with a week to get things would actually happen. I think I feel that I have so much I want to do that I can not seem to get my thoughts together enough to do any of it. I did actually start painting a rocking chair that will go in Ivy's room...but I have not finished. The people at Lowe's suggested oil based paint...yea, thats not fun. I was told that it would last longer than latex but after a day of drying I was still leaving finger prints in the paint. Ive sanded it again and it is almost ready for the second coat, so I will see if it looks good when I'm finally done. Tobie did get the back door and wall almost finished...if you did not know...our back wall rotted out and Tobie replaced to door and fixed the leak. Now we just have to finish the cosmetic work.

This blog thing might be gives me freedom to ramble on.

Blog later, I actually have to get up at my normal time tomorrow.

My First Blog

I want to thank Shelly for telling me about We will see if this is easier for me to use and for my friends and family to check in with us. The true test will be to see if I can put pictures on this site:)