Sunday, December 4, 2011

Annual Gingerbread House Decorating

Every year Gran gets her grandchildren together to decorate a gingerbread house.  This years kit included small houses so everyone was able to decorate how ever they wanted too.

It's nice seeing them all together. They are growing up so fast, soon we are going to have to do this when they get home from college. *sniff*


So when do you have to admit that a cat is gone. I knew Jack was getting old, but he was not the oldest cat I have known.

Tobie and I got Jack in April of 1999, in Newport News, VA. While we were living in our first apartment together, we would have to take our dog Butch out for daily walks. One day Tobie came home from his walk and told me there were kittens living under one of the apartments. Well, of course I sent Tobie back out with a can of tuna, and who did he come back with...the hungriest kitten. Jack has been with us for so long that it has been very hard not having him around. I knew the very first day that he was gone, that I would not see him again. The Saturday after Thanksgiving 2011, we took a trip down to Moody Gardens and got home late that night. As I was laying in bed, I said to Tobie, "Where is Jack?" Jack has slept on me and in our bed for all but the first 6 months of our marriage and that was because we did not have him yet. When I got up the next morning and Jack was not there asking me for food, I knew what had happened.

Many people mentioned to me that he was probably stuck in someones garage or just lost. I knew in my heart that even though these were all good ideas, I knew it was not the truth. Jack spent his days napping in the house with an occasional visit to that garage to eat and outside for the bathroom or to lay in the sun a bit. And, at night, he was with me for most of it. Jack was scared of his own shadow and if he was in our garage and we tried to shut it, he was out of there like a shot. So I did not hold out much hope that when people opened their garage doors to leave he would make his way home. Also, it was nasty weather on Saturday, so there had to be a really good reason for him to leave the warmth and dryness of the house.

So we are left with questions. I know in my heart that he went off to die. Which I Googled and found out that it is the last show of loyalty to their family. Cats will leave the pride to die, so as not to bring predators to the rest of the group. Unfortunately that still apples to house cats, no matter how much their "owners" want to give them a proper burial.

As I write this, Jack has been gone for an entire week...Rest in peace Jack. We will miss you for a very long time.