Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ivy Marie LaBauve 11-08-06

What an absolutely wonderful day 11-08-06 was! Ivy joined our family and made it very much complete. It is hard to imagine that three years have passed by so quickly! I still think of her as our "baby" and I am sure I always will. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful family and I look back at these pictures and have such great memories.

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Well this year we did the Halloween theme for Ivy's birthday party again. Everything was very cute, but turns out we actually do not have too many photos. I think the Halloween part over shadowed the birthday party part and we got a little forgetful when it came to pictures.

Air Show

I have always enjoyed the fact that every year we can watch a small portion of the air show fly over our house...Especially when it is the Blue Angels. I am always amazed at how close to the ground they get. We got two days of enjoyment out of it this year.

One year we were outside having a garage sale during the air show, and I saw what looked like a bat float by between two houses. I saw this "bat" two more times before I mentioned it to Tobie and Mom. I told them that I might be going crazy but I thought I was seeing the Stealth Bomber...But sure enough it came by again and they both saw it and verified that I had not gone crazy. It was amazing because it made no noise at all. So I don't know if it was back out this year, but if it was we missed it.

The Blue Angels are always wonderful to watch. I love living in this area:-)