Friday, November 6, 2009

Air Show

I have always enjoyed the fact that every year we can watch a small portion of the air show fly over our house...Especially when it is the Blue Angels. I am always amazed at how close to the ground they get. We got two days of enjoyment out of it this year.

One year we were outside having a garage sale during the air show, and I saw what looked like a bat float by between two houses. I saw this "bat" two more times before I mentioned it to Tobie and Mom. I told them that I might be going crazy but I thought I was seeing the Stealth Bomber...But sure enough it came by again and they both saw it and verified that I had not gone crazy. It was amazing because it made no noise at all. So I don't know if it was back out this year, but if it was we missed it.

The Blue Angels are always wonderful to watch. I love living in this area:-)

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