Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yea! Kindergarten!

This was not the "first day of school outfit" that I choose, but when Tobie tried to put it on him he was not content (sorry mom). So needless to say we did a quick wardrobe change. No need to make school a traumatic event on the first day. The original outfit is very handsome, maybe picture day:)
So Monday was the first day of school for Izaac, and it went very well! Yea! It has been a challenge figuring out how he was going to get to and from school. My work day starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:30pm with no leeway, and Izaac can not get into the school until 7:45am and has to be picked up by 3:30pm. Luckly a lady down the street offered to help. At first she was going to pick Izaac and some other kids up from school...but it turned out to be way too many of them so we decided the best option was going to be the bus. Tobie did the car rider thing for the first day and decided right then that Izaac was going to ride the bus both directions. Calling the place a mad house at drop off and pick up times would be putting it lightly. So today, Tobie and Izaac waited out with the rest of the kids and their parents and Izaac got on the bus with no problem...he was actually really excited about it. Its hard getting information from a 5 year old about his day, what he thinks is important and what I think is important information is two different things, but it seems to be going well. His behavior sheet has read Great! and Great Day #2 ! I can not be happier. His teacher has already taught him to spell red and one. Hopefully this pace will keep up, and he will be reading in no time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just One More

Okay, just one more birthday photo. Here are the entries into the "Lego Car Show" at Izaac's birthday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Death By Power Point

So I have just spent a week listening to and watching some of the most non-entertaining power points of my life. There were about two that showed movie clips along with their power points...but that was it. I realize that there is a bunch of information that a new person needs when they come to a new school district, but OMG!!! I can not stand another person reading from the slides!!! I wish I could say that I learned a ton of new information but if pressed I would say in the four days so far I learned 4 new items...I guess one item a day is not bad if I had not spent 7 hours at each event. I also realize that in a district as large as Clear Creek, people come in with all sorts of different backgrounds...but to sit through a lecture that included how to turn on an over head projector is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Yes, I am just complaining, and no, I do not have a solution, but there has to be a better way. With all of that said, I am still thrilled to be in this district. I can see why they are one of the top districts in the state. They demand very high standards from their teachers, but have also found ways to help them achieve the goals set for them. Intimidating, yes, but very doable. Some of the 4 things I learned this week, I was wondering why the two previous districts I worked in had not told or required me to do these things. Makes me wonder what CCISD knows that the others do not. So needless to say I am going to have to work on my orgaizational skills...updates to come...

Oh. Cool side note. I "knew" the superintendent of Alvin ISD...and by that I mean he knew my parents from church. 5 years ago I introduced myself as Maryanne and Curtis Posts daughter. In all of the following interactions (which are few and far between) he remembered who I was and spoke to me. Well a year or so a go, he moved to CCISD as their new superintendent. Wednesday morning I was walking into another wonderful meeting and from behind me I hear "So how have you been doing?" Well, being in a state of drowsiness from staying up late watching Phelps kick swimmings butt...I rambled on to the superintendent. Anyone in a right state of mind would of just said "Fine, thank you. And yourself" So a half and hour or so later he is giving his welcome speech and I have to be honest in saying that I was not paying all that much attention until I noticed some of the lines that I said to him. I actually thought for a moment that he was "stealing" material...as if, right. Then proceeds to ask where "Megan" was sitting. I raise my hand, with what I was sure was a deer in the head lights look...and he continues with my story of exhaustion...don't quite know what lead up to the story, but I'm sure if I had been paying attention it would have been good...welcome to CCISD Megan:-) Guess I need to get more sleep.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow! I am Tired!

Day one of new teacher training and we went full force until 3pm. I get in a terrible habit in the summer of not having much of a routine...and I really paid for it today. Things went well...I'm just tired and have a headache. They seem VERY organized...refreshing! I will update as I go through the week.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time Flies!

So I'm down to two days of summer. As a new teacher this year I have to go back a week before all of the other teachers. But, I am actually looking forward to it. I have been getting some very good "vibes" from Clear Creek ISD and am getting very excited. I went to visit my new school and was pleasantly surprised with the school and my new room. In some schools new people don't necessarily get a prime room, they get the rooms that the veteran teachers don't want. So needless to say I was not expecting much....but I was very surprised. I received an all in one lab and classroom...done well, and will function well. The lab tables are built into the side walls with walls of EMPTY cabinets! There is a sink, electrical plug and internet plug at every station. Then in the middle of the room is where the desks will go. I have a projector and an ELMO! Thoes of you who do not know what an ELMO is, its an updated overhead projector...no transparencies needed, just put what you want to show under the light and it projects it...in color! Woo Hoo! And I also have a storage room, in my room. That is really nice! I don't have to go down the hall to do anything! Now we can work at our desks, stop and slide over to do the lab!!! I know, only exciting for a science teacher, but I had to gush for a bit...I'm even planning on taking pictures and posting them...yes, I am a nerd...embrace it.