Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Eye Frustration

December 11th we took Izaac back to the eye doctor to update his prescription. A week later we were called, and in we went for them to replace his right lens with a stronger lens. Ever sense that day Izaac as been pitching fits about wearing his glasses. He looks over them, under them, anything to avoid looking through them. When we asked him about it he said he could not see with them. So I called the eye doctor and the technician said it was a stronger prescription and he would need to get used to it. So we continued reminding him to look "Through!" his glasses! Well, last night he and we had enough of the bickering over the glasses and Tobie did an impromptu eye exam. With the glasses off, he could read just fine out of the left eye, with the glasses on, he could not read. We decided that they must have put the same new prescription in both lenses instead of just one. Also, when we patched the left eye, which we are supposed to do, he did not complain about wearing the glasses. So we just assumed (I know, I know) that they had updated both sides to the new prescription. That leads us to this morning. I call the doctor and a tech. tells me to come in Monday at 5:30 pm to see the doctor. Not being happy with this we decide to call back, just so we can see if they can do a quick measure of the lenses. Well, this time I get the lady who replaced the lens in the first place, and the one who told me he would just have to get used to it...anyway, she seemed to notice my stress level on the phone and told me to come right in. In we go. I explain to her what the problem is and she tells me that she only replaced the one left lens, and left the right one the way it was...WHAT! Did you catch that. She said left lens! WRONG! So I go on to explain that the right eye is the weak one and his left one is the one we keep patching to help the RIGHT eye! I can see her frustration as well, because who ever took the notes from the doctor proceeded to write incorrect information and instead of writing the prescription for the right eye, they wrote it for the left eye. And I am sure if she cut the lens incorrectly she would have been in some sort of trouble. I watched her read the papers no less than 5 times and she pointed out what was written on the papers for me to see. I am sure she was just trying to CYA. I guess she did not want to take the fall for this one. So for about two weeks, this poor kid who can not see well out of his right eye, and depends on his left eye to help him get by has been virtually blinded by glasses that were meant to help him. UUUGGGGGG! Luckily they still had the original lens for the left side. Now they are reordering his new lens for the right eye. Two weeks progress lost? I hope not.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here Comes Christmas

I really can not believe that Christmas is just two days away. Time really flies when you have things to do. I ventured out yesterday with the kids...huge mistake. But I actually can not say that the kids behaved badly it was the others around us. And you know if Izaac points out someones bad behavior it must be pretty bad. We even stopped on the sidewalk outside of a store and I explained to him that the day was going to be what we made it. That if we ran around acting crazy and mad at everyone then we would have a bad day. But if we relaxed, walked at our normal pace and smiled and were nice to everyone our day would go so much better. The trick worked. We did fine, but I will not venture out of the confines of Friendswood today. If it is not in my little town, I do not need it. Yes, some of you know the mall is in my city...but I don't adknowledge that fact. So I might leave the house, but it will be in the opposite direction of the mall:-)
Thought i would add another snow picture.

Good tidings to all...and to all...avoid the mall!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eyeball Update

So we had Izaac's 30 day eye check to see if he has made any progress in his right eye. I am glad to say that he has had some progress, he has gone from only being able to read the top line of the eye chart to the third line. But (there is always a but) his right eye is still not doing the job it needs to be doing. So now we have yet another eye adventure. We are to find red and green glasses to use to teach Izaac's brain that it is not doing its complete job. Again, I do not fully understand what is going on with his eye/brain, but this is what I got from the appointment. If we put the colored glasses on his face and let him look at pictures, words, toys etc. that are also covered with a red and green overlay, his left eye will see just fine, but his right eye will not see what is under the red overlay. So his brain will go "Hey! Something is supposed to be there!" and hopefully teach the brain to make the connections. Right now that is what the idea of the patch is. Patch the left eye to force the right eye to work. It is working, just no as well as we want. The doctor has also upped his prescription in the right eye. He started at a +1 and is now going to have a +3. In the beginning they could not even really correct Izaac's vision with lenses but now I am guessing they can correct it more, hence a stronger prescription.

We will go back to the doctor in another 30 days to see if we have made any more progress. Cross your fingers that this patching, red eye, green eye thing kick his brain/eye into gear.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh No, Snow!

Well, I have to admit we were caught a little unprepared for our "snow storm." Winter clothes are a joke around here, and as you can tell from Ivy's picture we dressed a little like hobos. She actually went to school like that. She picked a dress out to wear so I did not want to discourage. I consented as long as there were jeans under...thus the hobo look.

If you look closely at Ivy's face you will see mulch. Izaac taught Ivy the fine art of eating snow, well when I ran in to get the camera I came back to mulch face. I guess she got a bit of dirt in her mouthful of snow.

Izaac had a blast! He was too young to remember or enjoy our last snow but he sure made up for it this time. We stayed out playing until around 11:30 pm...with the hopes of a "snow day." No such luck, so we were all up bright and early with very little sleep and snow still on the ground and covering most surfaces.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Shelly hooked Ivy up with more Yo Gabba Gabba gear then she could ever hope for. It is also very easy to get her dressed when I ask her if she wants to wear, Foofa, Brobe or Toodie.

Time Out

I have been meaning to post these pictures for awhile...You can see Ivy's handy work on our wall. Then the results of her time out on the stairs. Luckily this happened when I was out, so Tobie got to do the punishing. Mean Daddy:-)