Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here Comes Christmas

I really can not believe that Christmas is just two days away. Time really flies when you have things to do. I ventured out yesterday with the kids...huge mistake. But I actually can not say that the kids behaved badly it was the others around us. And you know if Izaac points out someones bad behavior it must be pretty bad. We even stopped on the sidewalk outside of a store and I explained to him that the day was going to be what we made it. That if we ran around acting crazy and mad at everyone then we would have a bad day. But if we relaxed, walked at our normal pace and smiled and were nice to everyone our day would go so much better. The trick worked. We did fine, but I will not venture out of the confines of Friendswood today. If it is not in my little town, I do not need it. Yes, some of you know the mall is in my city...but I don't adknowledge that fact. So I might leave the house, but it will be in the opposite direction of the mall:-)
Thought i would add another snow picture.

Good tidings to all...and to all...avoid the mall!

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