Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remember I am Still Learning

Now just because I managed to figure out how to put video on my blog does not equal up to me actually knowing what I am doing. In my attempt to rid spam from my comments, I apparently blocked all of my friends from leaving comments. So with the help of my BFF Shelly, you can now once again leave comments on my mindless ramblings.

To all of you who are FLYbabies or Flyladies, I am proud to announce that I have shined my sink, picked my clothes out every night this week and I am working on writing my morning and evening routines...oh yea I managed a 27 boogie...I cleaned out all of the candy from the past holidays that have been hiding among our stuff on our shelves in my kitchen cabinets. I am pretty sure it was more than 27 pieces but I could not stop with 27 (did not even take 5 min). I know I am either supposed to throw them out or donate...well, I am taking all of it to my kids at school, and leaving some in the teacher work room, so that is like donating it right:) Wish me luck, I am going to try and swish and swipe my bathroom, put a load of laundry in the machine, make the bed and empty the dish washer in my attempt to start a morning steps, I know, so if I do not manage all of it, I will keep trying. I am looking forward to my sink tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the Parents of the Year Award goes to....

Don't really know what to say! The video speaks for itself. I challange any of you to take the award away...just show it on video and you too could be a "Parent of the Year"

School Easter Party

This year the kids Easter party at school was during spring break. So I was lucky enough to get to go and watch the kids have their egg hunt. I was keeping the kids home with me during Spring Break, so we made a special trip to school just so they could participate. Ivy did not quite understand the concept of hunting eggs. The teachers and I finally got her to pick up one egg, which she kept a death grip on. With me being there she never wanted to get off of my lap, which made hunting eggs hard for her:) Izaac had a very nice time. Even though we did not get to stay long enough for him to eat. Sad, but they were going to sit down and watch a movie...and by then I had enough fun for the day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Jeep

As some of you know Tobie finally bought himself a new vehicle. The mustang has seen its better days and seeing that it is 15 years old I guess it is allowed to fall apart. It is nice to finally have two vehicles that will fit the whole family, and the kids love it! Ivy squeals when we start to get in it...wonder what that means for the future. Trouble I'm sure!
At first Tobie thought he would not get a new car until the summer, but the new car bug bit him hard. It took about two solid weeks of looking and going back and forth about what he wanted before he came up with this one. He is happy with it and that is what counts. It is trail ready so that was an added bonus for Tobie. It is more basic inside, but that is not a problem. The kids will have to actually look out the windows, instead of watching a video. Ah, the good ol days.
So if anyone knows someone who wants to buy a fixer-up 5.0 mustang we have one to sell. Tobie's choice not mine! It is a bit sad to think of someone else with the 'stang, but Tobie really does not have the time to invest in getting it fixed to its original glory.

Ask and ye shall receive...Enjoy the pictures Lynn:)

Spring Break...Day 1

No plans. At home with the kids. Don't know what to do!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!!

Yea! Spring Break officially started for me at 11:30am today! Of course I have planned many fun filled, busy days. But anyone who knows me well knows that the week after Spring Break I will be wondering were the time went. Plans include the zoo, and trying to clean out this cluttered house.

Izaac got his hair cut at an actual salon today. Mom has set up professional photos to be taken of all her grand kids and Izaac and Kyle needed to get their mops cleaned up. Izaac did remarkably well, seeing that every time he has had his hair cut before it has been at our kitchen table by Tobie with the clippers. The photo shoot is set for Tuesday evening in Galveston. I'm extremely happy about it. As most of you may have noticed I never sent out Ivy's 1 year old photos...well that would be because Ive never had them taken. So I am pretty excited that mom got me jump started on getting new photos.

So we will see how the week goes...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trying to be Crafty

Well I am trying my hand at painting lap desks for the kids. We had a party to go to so I thought I would try it out, using them as guinea pigs. They turned out alright. I will have to improve my skills.

Then I made one for Ivy....

Now I need to make one for a friend of mines daughters birthday. I will get a picture of that one when I'm done. Izaac keeps waiting for his but he is requesting Optimus Prime... if I can pull that one off I will be amazed!!!

Thanks Shelly for the help with the know how computer challenged I am. BUT, I did manage to get the pictures from the memory stick onto the blog all on my own. Now maybe I will take more pictures, knowing that I can use them right away on my blog. Be prepared to be amazed...well, maybe not amazed. Amazement over the memory stick is really only in my own little world:) But I am happy there.