Tuesday, March 25, 2008

School Easter Party

This year the kids Easter party at school was during spring break. So I was lucky enough to get to go and watch the kids have their egg hunt. I was keeping the kids home with me during Spring Break, so we made a special trip to school just so they could participate. Ivy did not quite understand the concept of hunting eggs. The teachers and I finally got her to pick up one egg, which she kept a death grip on. With me being there she never wanted to get off of my lap, which made hunting eggs hard for her:) Izaac had a very nice time. Even though we did not get to stay long enough for him to eat. Sad, but they were going to sit down and watch a movie...and by then I had enough fun for the day.

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  1. Too funny! It was the 2nd Easter Egg Hunt of the year that helped my kids to figure it out...