Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!!

Yea! Spring Break officially started for me at 11:30am today! Of course I have planned many fun filled, busy days. But anyone who knows me well knows that the week after Spring Break I will be wondering were the time went. Plans include the zoo, and trying to clean out this cluttered house.

Izaac got his hair cut at an actual salon today. Mom has set up professional photos to be taken of all her grand kids and Izaac and Kyle needed to get their mops cleaned up. Izaac did remarkably well, seeing that every time he has had his hair cut before it has been at our kitchen table by Tobie with the clippers. The photo shoot is set for Tuesday evening in Galveston. I'm extremely happy about it. As most of you may have noticed I never sent out Ivy's 1 year old photos...well that would be because Ive never had them taken. So I am pretty excited that mom got me jump started on getting new photos.

So we will see how the week goes...

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