Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remember I am Still Learning

Now just because I managed to figure out how to put video on my blog does not equal up to me actually knowing what I am doing. In my attempt to rid spam from my comments, I apparently blocked all of my friends from leaving comments. So with the help of my BFF Shelly, you can now once again leave comments on my mindless ramblings.

To all of you who are FLYbabies or Flyladies, I am proud to announce that I have shined my sink, picked my clothes out every night this week and I am working on writing my morning and evening routines...oh yea I managed a 27 boogie...I cleaned out all of the candy from the past holidays that have been hiding among our stuff on our shelves in my kitchen cabinets. I am pretty sure it was more than 27 pieces but I could not stop with 27 (did not even take 5 min). I know I am either supposed to throw them out or donate...well, I am taking all of it to my kids at school, and leaving some in the teacher work room, so that is like donating it right:) Wish me luck, I am going to try and swish and swipe my bathroom, put a load of laundry in the machine, make the bed and empty the dish washer in my attempt to start a morning steps, I know, so if I do not manage all of it, I will keep trying. I am looking forward to my sink tomorrow.


  1. You make me laugh and inspire me at the same time! Thanks now I will go shine my sink!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! TAKE IT SLOW WOMAN!!! Work on building simple routines that work for you. I've been doing it for over 2 years now and I'm always modifying - I fall off the wagon, but I've found keeping your basic routines, one load of laundry from start to finish, and doing my house blessing helps it all move along. IT ROCKS! The Fly Lady show you can download from ITunes ROCKS!!!! It helped me so much to get motivated... okay whose rambling now???? Boogie away!