Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well, Flylady is going pretty well. I have kept up my basic morning routine, I just need to add to it. I have also managed to keep up with my before bed routine, again I need to add to it. I have been working on my control journal for the past week and I think I finally have it in the order I want it. I put it into action this afternoon with a partial "home blessing". I do not have one day to devote to the whole home blessing so I have decided to split it up into three days. I also worked my zone cleaning into two days. It is a starter plan and I will make changes as I go. I have already placed notes at the bottom of some of my pages. I know it is weird but I really enjoy checking off everything I have managed to do in the day. So I feel pretty good about it...lets just hope I can keep it up...I really like the results so far, so maybe that will be enough encouragement.

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  1. GO YOU!!! That is so wonderful. Baby steps are the way and it makes things so much more managable. I'm reading Sink Reflections right now, it helps out a lot just explaining more and identifying issues. :-) I'm so proud of you! Welcome FlyBaby!