Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Okay! So I Have Issues!

If you have been following be quest to be a FlyLady, it sounded like I was doing pretty well. And in reality I guess I have been. My bed is now made every morning, all of my bathrooms are visitor friendly, my laundry is actually under control, even though I have a basket of socks to match and a basket of Ivy's clothes that often don't get put away because she is asleep by the time I'm folding my load for the day. But, I am finding that I am beating myself up over not getting all of my planned chores done for the day. I think my control journal is pretty close to what I need, with the exceptions of a few changes I want/need to make. But what has happened is that I'm getting "behind". I have had a few things pop up this week that has thrown off my after work routine thus leading me to not get everything done. I know I should not be obsessing about it but I like to stick to a plan once I have made it....and I have been working hard to catch up.
Here is proof that I have issues...One night I was falling asleep sitting up on the chair downstairs, so when I finally realized what I was doing I just got up and went to bed...WITHOUT shining my sink. It drove me so crazy that by the time Tobie came to bed, I was still awake and I told him that I did not shine the sink...I know he must think I am nuts... BUT not nuts enough to actually get out of bed and fix it.
More proof! Izaac is now swishing and swiping his own bathroom. Not that that is a bad thing, maybe just weird for a 4 year old. Now if he will just keep up into adolescence. But back to the issue at hand:) So when I bought the new toilet brush for the kids bathroom, I told Izaac that I would teach him how to clean his bathroom, thinking that he would not be interested...but for three days afterwards he bugged me to teach him. Now I am worried I have passed on my "issues" to him. He has a "procedure" for the toilet. He plunges the brush in and swirls it around exactly 11 times. Who knows where he got that number from, but I could not sway him from it. And one evening we were all upstairs watching tv and he ran into his bathroom, went, and then proceeded to want to clean the toilet because he just went in it. Issues! I guess I should not complain. I just don't want him losing sleep because the toilet has not been swished:)
To all you moms out there who want the get your kiddos involved, I was a little worried a first thinking he would get into all kinds of chemicals. Plain water in the toilet and a baby wipe for the counter, sink and toilet exterior surfaces:) Works like magic.
So there you have it...just a few of my issues. Fly on ladies! I'm going to work on not losing sleep over the fact that I have not completed my zone for this week (kitchen if you are follwing the plan)...sorry, issues.

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  1. Take 2 things out of your afternoon routine - you are trying to do too much! The key is to build simple routines that you can keep, not do everything. BABYSTEPS!!!!I know it puts me in a bad mood if I forget to run the dishwasher at night. Tobie will catch on, Bobbles now makes sure the sink is clean. It's catchy! It's great that you have a helper too! by teaching the kids it's fun to clean, you are teaching them one of the most valuable lessons! Don't beat yourself up! You are not behind, you are doing great!!!!