Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tonight was Izaac's last gymnastics class until he starts on team this summer.

He has been going one hour a week for the past year but on the 8th of June he starts going for an hour and a half two days a week to get him used to the new hours...then he moves to two hours, three times a week. He will start in level 4 boys team and hopefully we will get to see him in a meet in September.

Mother's Day Breakfast

The yearly Mother's Day breakfast was held recently at Ivy's school. We did have a good time but I could not resist taking the pictures while she was pouting.

Ivy was sad that she was not getting candy for breakfast. ..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Urban Farming

Why? Because we thought it would be fun and we thought our kids just might learn a few life lessons.

Like where do eggs come from (yes they are egg layers not fryers ).

And the kids got to see a bit of the food chain last night when one of the chickens got a hold of a worm...Ivy was upset for awhile then came to realize it was OK for the chicken to eat it. Ivy is a fan of worms,  so that was a bit hard for her. She rescued the worm at first...then gave him over for a snack.