Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Warning!Santa spoiler alert!!!

This year my kids are VERY excited about Santa!

Izaac has been dreaming up Santa traps...we even had a bubble wrap floor for awhile.

He has been analyzing all of the Christmas specials and you can see his brain working. At one point he turned and looked at us and said "Is that how it happens?" Tobie and I only managed that parent head bob we all know to well. The only saving grace is that he believes in magic, and truly believes that Santa is magic. I don't have a problem letting him believe that because the memory and true spirit of Santa is truly magical. When the time comes, and he asks "THE" question, I will tell him. Tobie and I had this discussion the other night and we decided that the correct answer is "In the spirit, memory and love of Santa, your Dad and I put the gifts under the tree". I will cry that day...

Ivy was all worked up before we saw Santa, because she really did not know what to ask him for. She was in tears, not because she was frightened, but because she did not know an answer to the questions "What do you want for Christmas?" Of course we provided her with answers;-) We also told her is was OK to tell Santa to bring her what ever he thought she might want...see how we did that...

Just seeing this picture makes me get teary eyed. I hope it is not the last one where Izaac "believes". Luckily Ivy had calmed down by this time.

Both my kids understand that this is Jesus' day. Izaac came back from the children's mass last Sunday and whispered in my ear that he wants to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus on Christmas. And Ivy is fascinated with babies's, so baby Jesus is very interesting to her.

A healthy mix of God and Santa is what I am shooting for.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread House

Every year the cousins get together at Gran and Papa's house to make a gingerbread house. This year Kyle missed because he was sick. So this time it was just the three younger cousins. We never partake in the eating of said gingerbread house...there are always waaaaay too many germs floating around on the thing. The kids have been known to put on a piece of candy, lick fingers and continue...there is a bit of an ick factor to the whole thing.

This year the base structure of the house was a chocloate cookie insead to the typical gingerbread...but I still will refrain.
Needless to say, they always turn out to be master pieces, and they are so proud of their creation.