Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Years 2011

This year we made it to the beach for New Year's day. Think I have blogged this before, but it is something that my Grandmother enjoyed doing and a few years ago, my Mom decided to start the tradition up with our family. This year we all made it. Rare full family photo.
The three Swanson's got to join us again this year. Hopefully they will get to continue to join us year after year...Maybe Eric will be here next year.


This is how Izaac spends a large amount of his time.

Don't know the last time we got a family picture.

There were many washed up jellyfish, and Ivy found great joy in popping them. Gotta love the boots. Thanks, Shelly!

Ivy's Gymnastics

As soon as Ivy was old enough (In our minds) we let her join gymnastics. With brother going three days a week it was very hard for her to understand why she only went once a week. In the beginning we would have tears whenever she asked where brother was and the answer was "gymnastics". At the end of each semester the classes do a "show". Family gets to join the students in the gym to take pictures and see what they have been learning. Unfortunately the lighting is pretty bad, or maybe its the camera, but the pictures did not turn out too well.
Happy girl!

Not quite sure what this face is. But she was very happy to stand on the block and get her award. She seems to enjoy it, so I hope she wants to stick with it.