Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a Season

We have made it to the end of Izaac's first season of gymnastics's meets and we could not be more proud! He started his first meet with an All Around score of 79.1 and ended his season at his state meet with a 86.7. What and improvement in less than four months!

He even met a personal goal of his by getting his first 15, and he made that on the Rings with a 15.2. Just to show you how tight the competition is, his teammates scored a 15.3 and 15.4 and both got metals and Izaac did not. This is a very strong group of 7 year olds that he is competing against in this state! One goal we had for him was to score at least a 12 on the Pummel Horse (very tough piece of equipment for the little boys). Well, he blew us away with a 13.5. Again, we are so proud.

At the Houston Invitational meet we were rooting for him to earn a place in the top 25 for All Around scores and he grabbed 24th. At his meet, we were shooting for top 15, and he got 14th. Talk about proud parents. What is funny is we did not realize that this meet was more important than the others. Apparently, the scores from this meet go on his US Gymnastics Association record. When we found that out...Tobie and I got a little nervous for him. Glad he did not know:-)

His team, all three of the 7 year olds, competed very well and earned the 2nd place award for Level 4 boys, 7 year olds. We normally get to see the rest of his team compete, but they broke down the level by age, so they were only competing against their own age groups for the state scores. I heard his other teammates did very well, and am looking forward to seeing them on Monday to congratulate them.

His growth this season has been wonderful and I hope that he has found a sport he can love for a long time. Every time you ask, he tells us he loves it and is having fun. He loves his coaches and he is making what I hope to be long-term friendships with his teammates.

Now we have nine months worth of training before us...