Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh What a Crazy Week

So just when you think, life is going smoothly...Wham! So here is the story for the week. Tuesday morning I woke up feeling just a bit "off"...but I went to work anyway. First period I started feeling light headed, every time I stood up I would get wobbly, so I knew something was coming. By second period I started getting, cold, than hot again....then the tummy started rumbling. I decided to go ahead and plan on not coming in on Wednesday, thinking I could make it the whole day...WRONG! A major downfall of being a teacher is that it is very hard to just walk cant just forward you emails and calls, there are all these kids that would go berserk if left unsupervised...anyway I made it to noon and gave up. The front office managed to get some other teachers to cover my classes. Which I hate doing, even though they get paid, they don't get their off period.
So, I managed to make it home where I slept the rest of the day away, nursing a fever and stomach flu. Tobie made it home and Wham! It hits him around dinner time. So there we are two grown adults who really just need to be in the bed and two kids that need to be feed, bathed and put to bed. That finally done, Tobie and I felt like dying all night long...
Morning comes, we all sleep a little late. I barely get out of pj's and I really mean barely, I threw on a pair of flip flops and out the door we go.
They turn Ivy AWAY!!!! Pink eye they say. By this point I am so weak I can not complain and Im almost in tears because all I want to do is go back to bed and sleep away the pain! So I call the doctors office and I manage to get in right away...Double pink eye. She can return to school on Thursday!!!! SOB!!! And to make matters worse. Im in my pj's remember, no make up and I did not brush my teeth. I really thought I would be back to the house in 5 min. Just goes to show you your mother was always right when she said "Never leave home with out clean underwear on". Im sure that carries over to "Never leave home in your pj's" Because you are bound to be pulled over by the cops or end up at the pediatricians office with all the well dressed mothers of Pearland:)lol!
Meanwhile the story gets worse. Tobie has to take the mustang in to get it inspected so he can get cleared of a ticket (whole other story) whose court date is Thursday at 6:30pm, and he has to have proof of inspection. So Ivy and I follow Tobie in the mustang to get it inspected. Of course there is a wait...Finally we get done. Medicine for Ivy. Back home to nap. We both suffer the rest of the day but both decide to go to work Thursday. Which we both regret. Than Wham!!! Tobies court date was Wednesday at 6:30 pm not Thursday at 6:30. So for just over 14 hours Tobie was a fugitive! Funny I know! So he had to post bail to get a new court date. I'm laughing as I'm writing this...because, really! REALLY! Oh! AND we missed Mrs. LaBauves birthday. Both of us had it scheduled in our new fancy phones, but no, not even that could pull us way from our horrid nightmare that was the stomach flu.
So there it is. Things are going great and just to remind you, you are not in charge:) God laughs and gives you stomach flu, pink eye and a fugitive husband! Thanks, Lord, point taken:)
Oh and forget FLYlady when you cant get out of the bathroom! My house is a pit! I will start again this weekend.


  1. Wpw when it rains huh. I was laughing when I was ready this, that car costing you more money!! I really do feel bad for you!
    This is a nasty little bug! My Mom got it and she was only around us for a few minutes - now my neighbor has it and she even said on Monday that I better not pass on what KK had!

  2. What a terrible bug - we better not get it! Hopefully that will be all your bad stuff at once. I too was a felon like Tobie - mine was for an accident I got in, I didn't know I had to pay a fine... such a criminal!

    The only part to Flying when you are sick is loving yourself enough to say - I just need to rest. :-)