Monday, March 17, 2008

The Jeep

As some of you know Tobie finally bought himself a new vehicle. The mustang has seen its better days and seeing that it is 15 years old I guess it is allowed to fall apart. It is nice to finally have two vehicles that will fit the whole family, and the kids love it! Ivy squeals when we start to get in it...wonder what that means for the future. Trouble I'm sure!
At first Tobie thought he would not get a new car until the summer, but the new car bug bit him hard. It took about two solid weeks of looking and going back and forth about what he wanted before he came up with this one. He is happy with it and that is what counts. It is trail ready so that was an added bonus for Tobie. It is more basic inside, but that is not a problem. The kids will have to actually look out the windows, instead of watching a video. Ah, the good ol days.
So if anyone knows someone who wants to buy a fixer-up 5.0 mustang we have one to sell. Tobie's choice not mine! It is a bit sad to think of someone else with the 'stang, but Tobie really does not have the time to invest in getting it fixed to its original glory.

Ask and ye shall receive...Enjoy the pictures Lynn:)


  1. Tobie, (from Troy) HOLD ON TO THE STANG! It's a classic, man! :)