Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eyeball Update

So we had Izaac's 30 day eye check to see if he has made any progress in his right eye. I am glad to say that he has had some progress, he has gone from only being able to read the top line of the eye chart to the third line. But (there is always a but) his right eye is still not doing the job it needs to be doing. So now we have yet another eye adventure. We are to find red and green glasses to use to teach Izaac's brain that it is not doing its complete job. Again, I do not fully understand what is going on with his eye/brain, but this is what I got from the appointment. If we put the colored glasses on his face and let him look at pictures, words, toys etc. that are also covered with a red and green overlay, his left eye will see just fine, but his right eye will not see what is under the red overlay. So his brain will go "Hey! Something is supposed to be there!" and hopefully teach the brain to make the connections. Right now that is what the idea of the patch is. Patch the left eye to force the right eye to work. It is working, just no as well as we want. The doctor has also upped his prescription in the right eye. He started at a +1 and is now going to have a +3. In the beginning they could not even really correct Izaac's vision with lenses but now I am guessing they can correct it more, hence a stronger prescription.

We will go back to the doctor in another 30 days to see if we have made any more progress. Cross your fingers that this patching, red eye, green eye thing kick his brain/eye into gear.

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