Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yea! Kindergarten!

This was not the "first day of school outfit" that I choose, but when Tobie tried to put it on him he was not content (sorry mom). So needless to say we did a quick wardrobe change. No need to make school a traumatic event on the first day. The original outfit is very handsome, maybe picture day:)
So Monday was the first day of school for Izaac, and it went very well! Yea! It has been a challenge figuring out how he was going to get to and from school. My work day starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:30pm with no leeway, and Izaac can not get into the school until 7:45am and has to be picked up by 3:30pm. Luckly a lady down the street offered to help. At first she was going to pick Izaac and some other kids up from school...but it turned out to be way too many of them so we decided the best option was going to be the bus. Tobie did the car rider thing for the first day and decided right then that Izaac was going to ride the bus both directions. Calling the place a mad house at drop off and pick up times would be putting it lightly. So today, Tobie and Izaac waited out with the rest of the kids and their parents and Izaac got on the bus with no problem...he was actually really excited about it. Its hard getting information from a 5 year old about his day, what he thinks is important and what I think is important information is two different things, but it seems to be going well. His behavior sheet has read Great! and Great Day #2 ! I can not be happier. His teacher has already taught him to spell red and one. Hopefully this pace will keep up, and he will be reading in no time.

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  1. yeah very happy to hear Izaac is doing great! Can'y wait to hear more this weekend