Monday, September 8, 2008


So Tobie informed me that I was slacking in my postings, because the last thing I posted was the first day of school. Well, I don't have much to post about I guess. No new pictures (that I am definitely slacking on), no exciting stories. So here are some basics of the past two weeks.

Izaac is doing well in school. He has received reports of "Good Day", "Great Day" or a smiley face every day but two. And those two days the reports were not all that bad. One funny one was, "Had to be reminded about the proper use of the maniplatives". For anyone who is unaware of what a maniplative is in school, its basically a hands on learning item...beads, string, blocks, you name it...So what exactly proper use was, and what Izaac was or was not doing, I'm not quite sure, but it was not bad enough to move his clip.

We have been storm watcing as most of you have been doing...we got only slightly prepared for the last storm...which included getting cash and milk. Sad I know. Waited and watched. Kept in touch with Shelly through the storm by text. And recieved no rain at all.

My new job is going very well. I am enjoy the students, small classes, co-workers and the added sense of responsibilty and consequences the students have. Its the best of two worlds, small classes and relationship building with my students but consistent consequences for misbehaviors. I am enjoying going to work every day and that has not happend for me in a long time.

So now we are watching Ike...enough said.


  1. Glad to hear about the job! I had the same experience when I went to my school! They aren't perfect, but it was SOOOOO much better than my last job! Good luck with the storm! It'll hit Mexico, don't worry!

  2. That is good you are enjoying this one so much better. It makes everything a little better. Hopefully the storm will keep going south!

  3. SO I guess no house guest this weekend! Good for you and bad for no visit - I know we could have came. Things re getting bck to normal! Glad the new school is better