Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank You!!!!

Sorry about the previous grumpy post!

But what I really needed to tell everyone is "Thank You". The outpouring of concern, prayers, well-wishes and offers from a place to stay to places to do our laundry, was overwhelming! We weathered the storm just was creepy...I would probably do it again only I would send my kids away with someone. Tobie and I were able to do damage control throughout the storm, so what did happen was lessened. As Shelly told me and I found out, it is very hard to leave your house. But leave we did.

Monday after two and a half days in the dark, we had had enough. I think the decision was finally made when Tobie had to stand in the FEMA line to receive ice, to try to save what little food that was still cold. So with offers to go to many different houses we finally decided to make a "vacation" of it and we headed to a small town outside of San Antonio. Tobie's friend Travis grew up in the area and his mother and step-father own a ranch and they thought the kids would enjoy the country and the animal. They were right.

So two people who had no clue who we were took in our whole family including the dog. So thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Kathy and Edgar Dodson, who took us in, fed us, let us enjoy their home and made us feel welcome.

I have many pictures to add, and they will come in the following days. But until then, Thank you everyone. Please keep the people in this area in your thoughts and prayers. They are going to need them!

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