Saturday, September 27, 2008

They are Melting the Ice!

Okay, I am going to get on my soap box for a little bear with me...or just don't read.

I have issues with the handling of FEMA ice. Three nights ago they showed aerial photos of FEMA melting bags of ice in San Antonio, and dozens of truckers sitting idle in Houston at the Reliant stadium. When interviewed in Houston, one trucker said they had been sitting there for days, waiting to be told where the need was....GALVESTON!!!!!!

Yes, I do agree with people who say that those lazy, cheep, taking advantage of the system people who could now just drive to the store to buy ice, but instead are sitting in long lines for free ice, do not need it. I agree!

This is just one quote I take issue with.

"He said the agency decided to unload the ice and let it melt because it would be more expensive to keep it frozen indefinitely to fill some unknown future need. Scorza did not know how many trucks or how much ice was headed for Seguin, but said if any areas on the coast needed more ice, FEMA could supply it immediately. "

Unknown future need? Indefinitely? GALVESTON people! I does not take a degree or even a slightly intelligent person to see where the need is. The people in Galveston and in other areas around here are still hurting and if FEMA can't see that I don't know what good they are being. Galveston is going to need it for awhile and I feel it is a slap in their face to say there is no need.

Okay, I'm done.

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  1. Hi Megan!

    Your blog showed up on my google-search for "free ice" in Galveston...

    I have called EVERY number that 211 has referred and STILL have had no luck in search of ice.

    I know your post was almost two weeks ago, yet, almost everyone of my friends are still waiting for their insurance and FEMA adjusters to visit...therefore, most are still without refrigeration.

    I can't believe that the ice trucks left a week ago!!! Doesn't the authorities (and FEMA) realize that it is not about the electric being "ON"'s about replacing our refrigerators that had to be thrown away.

    My family isn't lazy and does not take advantage of the Government, either. We work and pay our taxes. We've stuggled, just like everyone else during this crisis. However, while waiting for the "OK" to buy another 'fridge, we are going through too much money - buying ice.

    Had Mayor Thomas let us back on the island in ample time, we could have spared a lot of this grief!

    Although, ice isn't our only hurdle, it should be the easiest to overcome!

    If you know of any "free ice" services left on the island (today is Oct.14), please email me @

    Thanks, Megan!!!