Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evacuation Ranch Days

We had a wonderful time on the ranch. The kids got to enjoy the animals, and Tobie and I enjoyed the clean country air. We would love to own some land in the hill country, even if we just hold onto it for a while before we can build a house. Just dreaming big, I'm sure land is expensive were we were looking.
Ivy really enjoyed the animals. She showed no fear. I remember the first time Izaac saw a horse out side of picture books...screaming and tears if I remember correctly. She got very excited every time we took the walk down the long "drive way", for she knew what we were going to go do.

One evening we all loaded up in the back on Mr. Edgars pick-up and went to feed the cows. Again, Ivy showed no fear. Here she is in the pasture...the hands in the mouth thing is a new habit. Not so tasty when you have been running around with farm animal....Yick! She is also covered in blue chalk dust and road dirt. Cant go to the country and not get dirty right:-)

Izaac also enjoyed the animals. He does not know which one is his favorite, but he keeps bringing up "hamberger", one of the new bulls that is going to slaughter:-) Don't know if he gets the joke.

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