Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where is My Mind?

Well, I am having one of those weeks where it seems like you will never make it to the weekend...and it is only Tuesday! I lost my car keys on Saturday and I have yet to find them. I have also lost some important papers at work, which should not be hard to find because they are a stack about four inches thick, yet no one at work has seen them... And to top it all off my mother had to remind me that it was my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Not doing so well, and I could go on but it would just get sad. Most weeks I can look forward to the weekend to rest but that is not the case this weekend...Friday there is a chili cook and a work party to go to. Saturday we have a t-ball game and a wedding. Sunday is church, Sunday school for Izaac and a birthday party. Maybe I will rest next year.


  1. Happy 9 years! I hope you week is getting better. Look at the picture on my blog at least you don't let your kids play on that (photoshop is a great things!)

  2. I think it is just this week - everyone I know is having an off week - let yourself enjoy it! Loose your mind! :-) Good luck I hope next week is better - now get some pictures up!