Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily Grind

Not a whole lot going on now that the holidays are behind us. The kids are back at school, and are doing well. Izaac has been doing very well lately...He went from 3-4 "red" days a week, early in the school year to all "green" days for many, many weeks now. He is well settled into being four and feels very comfortable with school and the expectations that they have for him. Lets just hope he can carry that into Kindergarten next year! He started at the Little Gym last week and loves every minute of it. He goes around the house trying to stand on his hands and trying to do cartwheels. His coaches told Tobie "Boy! He has alot of energy!" As if we didn't know. Maybe next time they will have him run a few laps around the gym to wear him out. I'm sure he will learn many new skills, but all Tobie and I want is a happy and TIRED kid when he is done! Izaac got to go to "Safety Day" at Tobie's work this past Friday, and had a wonderful day. So much so that he conked out in the car on the way home and then proceeded to sleep all night! Maybe that is what it will be like when he doesn't take naps at school!
Ivy is a pill!!!! She has been fighting a cold and teething all at the same time. And she does not teeth well, if you know what I mean. We have been living on Motrin and Orajel for the past week. But I am retiring Orajel due to a bite so bad that she almost drew blood from my finger! The mornings have been a nightmare...I can't hardly put her down without her throwing a fit and when Tobie tries to help, she gets offended and throws and even bigger fit. On two different days she has gone to school partially dressed because she threw such a fit about getting dressed. Wednesday we walked into school with her holding her shoes. The morning lady just laughs as I bring her in. But, she actually slept all night last night, so maybe we are turning the corner.
Thats it for now...sorry, still no Christmas pictures...

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  1. good update! I hope Ivy is doing better. KK does not teeth well either - what is it with those girls?Miss ya