Friday, March 13, 2009

Kindergarten Drama

Well, I will have my first parent/teacher conference based on the behavior of my son the Tuesday after Spring Break.

Why? Because, Izaac does not listen, follow directions, or keep his hands to himself. Izaac talks while teacher is talking, distracts the other students and "intentionally hurts his classmates".

Now here is my dilemma. He is doing very well academically. He is reading and doing math above grade level. But is not doing well with his what is the problem. We punish him at home for behavior at school...He spends time in his room, he can not play the DS , he can not play with friends or go outside...what else is there. We even reward him if he comes home with 5 smiley faces in a row...This week he was determined to earn a Bacugaun(no clue how to spell that) This week...two smiley faces, two straight faces and today he earned a frown face. By Tuesday, he had already lost his prize. I even ask him why he does what he does and I get no real answer.

Most of you know that Izaac can not walk in a straight line to save his life! He reminds me of the Family Circus cartoons where the mom would ask the son to go get the mail and you would see the "crazy" path he would take to get to the mail box...that is Izaac. Now, I am sure that is not conducive to kindergarten...but he is 5!!! Now I know he can drive people crazy with the amount of energy he has, but I would not label him as hyperactive...which I am sure his teacher is thinking. But can hyperactive kids sit in one spot and work on a lego model for hours on end? Maybe I don't know the clinical definition, maybe I am just being over protective, maybe, maybe, maybe......`

Yes, I do feel that he is young for kindergarten and I do believe that it is a mistake to have full day kindergarten, but we have to make do with the situation.

Is he acting out because he is board, responding to others or is he just misbehaving to misbehave.

Today, he got in trouble for pulling a girls arm. Well, when we asked about it, she had been stepping on the back of his shoes so he pulled her, pulling her arm was not the right thing to do and we talk about that...but at the end, he is the one in trouble.

I don't know, I am just frustrated and do not know how to make it better. I told him, I am sad because I want him to enjoy kindergarten and have fun...but he can not do that sitting in time out all of the time...

I guess we will see what the teacher says on Tuesday. Thank goodness it is Spring Break. I am sure Izaac needs it, but I am especially sure his teacher needs it.


  1. OH HONEY!!! I so feel you pain. First - only positive rewards - don't punish him at home if they already did it at school unless he does something MAJOR. I've had this problem since last year and on going - I should really just call you. But the reality is school is school. Set your rules and if he gets a smiley face - GREAT! he gets the reward. If not - no big deal, he doesn't get the reward-no big deal. Don't sacrifice your time at home with him when he already had the punishment. Don't punish him again, it's already been too long ago and most of the time you will find another child instigated his action. Plus tell me one male over the age of 10 (our husbands, fathers and brothers included) that can A. Listen, B. Follow Directions, and C. Focus on anything they do not want to... Catch my drift? Oh he'll be able to focus on what he wants to do - it's the things he doesn't want to do you have to observe. Love you! It gets better when you let some of the school things go.

  2. Boys!!!!
    I am trying something new with Jaxon this week, so if it works I will tell you. I talked to the teacher Friday and was told he has to go to the head of the school - why did I not know about this the day it happen? Was it viewed as no big deal and that is why I was not told??? He is 5 like you said. I asked for him to talk to someone at the school in case it was Daddy being gone and I got a well I can email her and see what she thinks..... Once again does not seemed to be bothered by the situation enough to let him talk to someone. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But I am glad to see it is not just private schools.