Saturday, June 26, 2010

Epic Battle

So we have been having an ongoing battle in our backyard that includes Nolan our cat, the chickens, mocking birds and any one of our many crops we are growing.

The pictures are not great because I keep taking them with my phone, so I might have to break down and use the real camera, because it is just too funny to miss.

Nolan of course is interested in the chickens. When they were smaller he would hunt them and grab hold of them. Well, they have gotten bigger and he tried to get one and it put up so much of a fight that he has given up. Well, not completely. He will lay in the grass watching them and every now and then will make a lunge, we think just to keep them on edge. It seems that he is aware that they have become too big for him

In come the mocking birds. If Nolan or any other cat is in our yard, we know it. The birds, (I have seen 5) will sit in various places screaming and diving bombing Nolan. We think that Nolan has harassed or killed some of their some of their babies so they are constantly watching him.

The birds have been stealing many of our fruits, they were grabbing the blackberries before we could get them, now they are picking the grapes off of the vines. We are leaving the bunches that they have already gotten to on the vine, hoping that they stick with those and don't go after any of the others. We have also had them pick holes in our tomatoes. Rotten birds.

You have to look closely to see the bird sitting on the back of the chair. It is amazing how close they will get to Nolan.

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  1. Haha, birds and cats defiantly don't mix; that's for sure.

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