Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Gymnastics Meet

So this past Friday was Izaac's first gymnastics meet since joining the team this summer. Going into this meet, we had no idea what to expect and I have to admit I was very taken aback with the enormity of this event. This meet was a learning experience for all of us. We now know what to pack in Izaac's bag, that we need to bring something to write his scores down on and to be prepared to be there for a verrrrry loooong time.

We had to be there at 3:30pm on a Friday there were a few problems with that as you can imagine, for example work and school. But we have been reassured by fellow parents that this is not normal (we can always hope). This picture is of team warm-up and stretch. After this the teams got to rotate though all of the apparatuses for timed warm-up.

Here the teams are lined up waiting to be introduced. It looked like, but I did not pay too much attention, that there were at least 10 teams competing. There were about 85 competing in Izaac's level and about half of those were 7 year olds.

You can see from this picture how big the building is. I count 8 teams here and I know there are more to the right that are not shown in this picture, so there could have been more than 10 teams. We were amazed that at least two of the teams came from Louisiana.

There was a lot of waiting. Izaac with Coach David

Izaac on the high bar.
This was the first time that we got to see all of his routines. We have seen bits and pieces of each one, but you never really get to see them in their entirety. Turns out that if you go to YouTube and search "level 4 gymnastics routines" you will see the exact same thing that Izaac did. Nation wide, all level 4's do the same thing...who knew...we didn't. Did I say we were learning;-) Tobie played soccer, I swam, we are not gymnastics people. Now we need to figure out how they score...

Floor routine.

Waiting for his turn on the floor.
My hope is that on Monday, Izaac will go to practice and find out from his coaches what he needs to work on for his next meet...Which is next Sunday at 2pm. So starts the gymnastics season:-) And as long as Izaac is having fun and is enjoying it, we will let him continue.