Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ricky Deci Invitational

This Friday was the annual Ricky Deci Invitational in Katy, Texas. Last year this was our very first experience with gymnastics meets and it was not good. Izaac tried his hardest and he still came away with no awards. That is very hard on a 7 year old, and there were many tears involved. One of his teammates, who knew the feeling, gave Izaac one of his medals, and then there was a new round of tears from me and the other gymnasts mother. But, we used it as a learning experience and have grown from it.

So needless to say I was nervous about this evening... Wow! Do things change in a year!
Ricky Deci of Stafford, Texas, age 13, and a member of the USA Gymnastics men’s junior national team (12-13 age group), collapsed and died October 11, 2001 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., during a pommel horse routine at the USA Gymnastics Junior National Team Training Camp.

This was the 11th year they have held this meet in the memory of Ricky and they always give a "Ricky Deci" award to the gymnast who had the highest score in any of the events. And this year, Izaac earned it in the level 4, 8+ year olds.

These are three very happy boys!

Izaac during his ring routine. He scored a 15.3 and earned 1st place.

Five and a half circles on the mushroom for the bonus.

He scored a 15.5 on this routine which earned him a 1st place and the Ricky Deci award. It was a beautiful routine and when he was done the judge called him over and shook his hand and told him he did a great job.

He scored a 14.9 on high bars and earned a 1st place. Here he is doing a pull up for a bonus. He looked really good on this event.

Coach was in with the level 4 6-7 year olds, getting their awards during the beginning of warm-up so Izaac just jumped in and lead the stretches. I think he enjoys the position as the veteran of the group.

So you can probably tell how proud I am of Izaac. Tobie put it into perfect words last night...he told me (and I am sure this is not a perfect quote, and he started with "Don't be offended but...") "The night I proposed to you was a great night. The night we got married was a great night. But this was my best night ever!" I tend to agree with him. I also have had some great nights, the ones he used in his example and the birth of my children. But to see your child succeed to such a degree, and to see how proud of himself he was, now qualifies as a "Best Night!"

We have not stopped smiling yet!


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  2. Look at those beautiful straight legs and pointed toes! Looking good, guys!