Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Ivy!

Well as you can see I am going a bit out of order...We had Ivy's 1st Birthday party on Sunday the 18th. Turned out to be a very small gathering, but very nice. Ivy loved her cake, as you can see she had a death grip on her piece. It is amazing how fast a year can go. It feels just like yesterday that I was home on maternity leave. I have a hard time thinking of her as 1...and I keep getting surprised with the things she can do. I think with the first child you read every book and watch to see if they are reaching their mile stones. The second child you think you know it all and you pay less attention. At her one year check up, they asked if she said mama and dada and it took me by surprise. I told them that I did not think so, that she babbled all of the time but that she did not say mama and dada. Well needless to say, the next day at home she called me mommy...and I had Shelly as my witness. I need to to a better job at watching for her new tricks...

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