Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here Comes the Holidays!

Well, school is out for Thanksgiving...could not have come at a better time. No big dinner plans for Thanksgiving. Mom called one day a couple of weeks ago and asked if we minded going out to dinner instead of having a big dinner at home....no problem there. Don't know if I will miss the home cooked meal or not. We will still be together, we will still have a good meal, just no dishes to clean or left overs to worry about. Sounds like a good plan actually. Christmas shopping is going well...Izaac is pretty much done, just need stocking stuffers. Ivy on the other hand is a challenge...she is old enough to enjoy toys...but we have almost everything out there that is age appropriate, and if you look at "girl" toys, they are too old for her, and there are just somethings I can not bring myself to buy...ahhh the perils of being the second child.
Ivy has been suffering from runny nose, coughing and ear infection starting the first of November...I think she is finally getting better...then yesterday I developed a painful cough. I just hope it does not develop into anything major. Don't really have a family doctor that I could call up and pop in for a quick check up. The one I went to as a kid has got to be closing in on his eighties and I don't feel like forming a bond with him. Maybe this might spur me into finding a new doctor. But then again...maybe I will just get better:)

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  1. glad to hear you are out of school! Love Ivy's picture!!
    Get Better so you can enjoy your days off