Monday, June 23, 2008

Zero to Sixty

So up until this summer Izaac has not been all that interested in the pool and swimming. We would go and he would last less than an hour (sometimes even just a half and hour) and pronounce that he was done and getting out. All of this while wearing floaties and definitely NOT getting his face the point where if he did get his face wet we would have to wipe it dry. Then this summer began...My first week off we went to Mom's pool in the hopes that this year would be "The" year Izaac would enjoy swimming. Well day one, he would not take off the floaties...but we did convince him to put his face in the water....that was five minutes of fun. Then he opened his eyes under water....another five minutes of fun. Then the goggles...that fun lasted the rest of that day. The next day he was convinced to take off the floaties....and he has not stopped sense! He swims very well for a kid who has never had formal instruction. He can jump off the side and swim back. He retrieves things from the bottom of the pool (shallow end of course). Does the dead mans float. And surprise of all, yesterday he busts out with the freestyle. I am in awe! He does wear us out though...because he spends 90% of his time under the water we are constantly dragging him up and insisting he take a break. He has the invincible feeling right now so we have to be extra diligent watching him. And to make what could be a relaxing time at the pool even more stressful...Ivy is not even a bit scared of the water! She jumps off the side, goes under and does not even bat an eye. Even playing on the stairs we have to be on constant watch because she has no fear. Can't wait to see what the next pool trip brings...

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  1. Wow look at him go! I can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!