Saturday, July 5, 2008

IKEA Encounter

So last weekend when Shelly and I ran up to IKEA we ran into Sarah and Robert...and you all thought Houston was big:-) well they asked me to give them ideas for Izaac's upcoming birthday. At the time I was drawing a blank so I told Sarah that I would blog about it so that anyone else who was stumped as to what 5 year old boys are into theses days (at least my 5 year old) could have some help. We are throwing a LEGO party so that is always an idea, along with any "building" kits. He likes the animated Transformer series and as it turns out they now have the action figures to go along with the show. He into sports...swimming is the big one right now. He has out grown his Thomas bike...its actually quite funny to see him riding it....think big kid on little bike...legs going a million miles an hour...comedy relief in the front yard. He also need a new scooter, wore his other one out! He still plays with his leapster and V-smile. Loves puzzles, art and crafts, games...typical kid stuff. Hope this helps...

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