Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

The Swanson's made a visit two weekends ago and we had a wonderful, yet crazy, loud, rambunctious, exhausting time! Which is always a nice step away from our normal weekend routine. We had tons of plans and got very little of it done:-) The boys managed a trip to Pelican Island where Tobie got to finally take his jeep off road, and almost got stuck. The girls made a trip to IKEA. We all got to go to Tyler's roller skating birthday party on Sunday. I knew that was going to be trouble...Jaxon has been roller skating for the past three years, an activity done every week at their school. Izaac on the other hand has never been on skates. It took Izaac most of the party to figure it out, but by the end he had developed a partial run/skate that was pleasing to him. He did get sad often seeing Jaxon zoom around the ring...he wanted to know why he could not skate like Jaxon. But with a little perseverances and a lot of falling he managed to enjoy himself. I will need to take him back this summer, that is definately an tiring activity and might manage to get a nap out of him...something he gave up ages ago. Than Erik and Tobie took some pictures of Kristy and Travis in a park for some of their engagement photos. And in true 4 year old form the boys got in the way many times. If there is a camera out, you had better be taking pictures of them. The boys fight constantly, but as soon as it is time to go the tears start because they are leaving. I love this photo...don't know how much longer they will pose like this, hopefully a lot longer.


  1. EriK... with a K. It's only been what... 10 years or so?

    We had a great time never the less.