Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Hair Cut

I don't think I ever blogged about Ivy's first hair cut. So I thought I would go ahead and add a photo and describe what a miserable experience it was. With Izaac it was simple, sit at the table and Daddy gives you a fade with the clippers. Well, not so easy with Ivy. So I ventured out looking for a place to basically trim up the whispies that she had hanging in her eyes. And, even though I hate her mullet, I can not bring myself to have it all cut off because it makes great piggy tails....

Three places later we end up at Super Cuts. First of all how they can in good conscience charge me $12 for what they did I will never know. Second, she cried the entire time. The picture here is after we left and went to get ice cream. She refused to sit in the chair, so the lady ended up cutting her hair while she was trying to climb over my shoulder. The lolly pop she is holding was her "bribe" to be still...that didn't work.

The next couple of times I think I am going to try it myself. Wet it, comb it straight and cut...easy peasy. That will be a great blog.


  1. I have been told by several barbers and stylist to do my kids a favor and stop trying to cut their hair. I now take the kids to the girl that cuts my hair b/c no matter where I go they butcher - other than her.... GOOD LUCK! can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. This post has nothing to do with the torture of my god-daughter. It actually has to do with the previous post. WTF? Where did it go???