Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Punched in the Nose

So I am sitting in my after school tutorials when my cell phone rings. It was the nurse from Izaac's school. When the kids were on the bus getting ready to go home Izaac wanted to sit on the outside of the seat and well I guess the boy he sits with did not agree. So the boy pulled Izaac's arm, Izaac called him a "meanie", and bam, the boy hit Izaac in the nose. The nose would not stop bleeding, so Izaac had to be pulled off the bus, and I had to go get him.

He was so pitiful. He said "When ever I get hit in the nose it makes me cry" Like he has been hit in the nose before. And one of his main concerns was that the bus left without him.

Ah, the trials of Kindergarten.

1 comment:

  1. poor Izaac. Hopefully he will not have to seat next to meanie anymore!