Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Beach Trip

This summer my parents decided to rent a beach house in Galveston for two weeks....we had a wonderful time. Being so close to Galveston I think we forget that it is a good place to go visit and enjoy what they have to offer. And to be honest after Ike, we did not know what to expect. There was still a lot of areas that needed work, but it seemed like for the most part people were working very hard to restore their homes and community. The neighborhood that we stayed in seemed typical...some homes were done, some were still being worked on, and some seemed abandoned.

The kids had a great time. The first day Ivy had to stop a dozen times on the walk to the beach to dig in the sand. She did not quite understand that if she would just walk past the next house there was all the sand she could ever enjoy.

Izaac developed quite a love for boogie boarding. He would convince Papa to take him out into the serf and then shove him and the board ahead of the "perfect" wave. They would do it until Papa had to rest:-) Izaac never seemed to get enough.

It took us about half of the trip to realize that there was wonderful crabbing opportunities available to us. We attempted the 'ole string, chicken neck and a net procedure, with no luck. Then one night the neighbor came over to give us a bag of left over crabs. He was catching so many that they could not eat them! So then, we adopted a different way of crabbing, and had major success. Every night after we ate crab. And in the mornings when we would ask Ivy what she wanted for breakfast, her reply was always, "Crab."

The crab had to be something like 5" in order to be legal...the string in the picture is 5"...

We also ended up catching so many crab we could not eat them in one sitting. Here is a picture of the craziness in the refrigerator.

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