Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Home Renovation

Well, we finally bit the bullet so to speak and decided to have someone come in and do our floors. We had a hard time deciding what we wanted and where it would go. The first thoughts were to have wood through out alot of the down stairs. But, our rooms do not have very good divisions and we were worried that there would be too many transitions. So to solve the problem we decided to tile the whole thing. Turns out we really like it!

These pictures are just showing some of the mess we had to deal with and actually still are. The company wanted to tile right up to the baseboards and then put shoe molding in to cover the transition. But we did not want that because our already short baseboards would be even shorter. So Tobie tore out the base boards and we replaced them with taller ones.
The study got the wood, but this picture was taken before it was put in. I will add more pictures soon. The house is so different now. We have painted the walls and Tobie is in the process of putting in chair railing and crown molding in the dining room...

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  1. looks great, Tobie you could have done it. I would have lent you my tile saw!