Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas '09

Now that the holidays are over and I am back to work I find that I need to go back and blog about Christmas.

We had a very nice Christmas at home and the kids are that perfect age where there are screams of joy when they open that makes it that much more fun.

Every time we would ask Ivy what she wanted from Santa her only response was "Barbie". Up until this time she had not asked for one and I have not given her any. Mainly because I do not like them. Well, she got her "Barbie". The picture is of her and her very first Barbie. She is thrilled and I am going to remember that joy forever, but, if it is up to me, she will not get any more. They are extremely hard to dress and are in my view, inappropriately dressed. My mom also tried very hard to get a Barbie more on a little girl level, seeing that she saw some of them had martini glasses included. Well, Mom ended up getting her a scuba Barbie who changes color in warm and cold water. Pretty benign, you would think...but when she goes from her one piece suit to her two piece suit, they felt compelled to add a tattoo on her belly. Who would have guessed! She also has extremely large hoop earrings and full make up for scuba diving. I am guessing people in Barbie land have never been diving before. Tobie and I got her the camping
Barbie...well, lets just say, she will not be running from any bears in those heels! Ok, enough of my grumping about Barbie (UGGG, I really don't like them! But just look at that joy on her face, sigh!)

Izaac had a very hard time this year pinning down what he wanted from Santa. He started very early writing a list...he has learned how to use the pause button on the DVR to his advantage. by the time Christmas rolled around the list was long and lost! When he finally sat on Santa's lap he decided on Legos. So his Christmas was a mix of all kinds of things, Legos, Backugauns, Nerf guns, etc.

They were both very happy with Santa in the end and I loved watching them get excited about each gift. One of the things that brought the loudest cheer from Izaac was when he opened tic-tacs that were in his stocking! You would have thought it was what he was waiting for his whole life. If I knew tic-tacs were going to be such a big hit, his whole stocking would have been full of them. Can't wait to see what next Christmas brings:-)

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