Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Years 2010

This year for New Years we decided to stay home. We invited the Swansons to stay for us for the week and we were able to enjoy the holiday with good friends and family.

My Grandmother, enjoyed going to the beach on New Years Day. And a few years ago my Mother decided that we would start her tradition back up. We have not made it every year, but when we go, we always enjoy ourselves.

This year Mom and Dad were fighting illness so they decided that they would sit this one out, but we got to drag the Swansons into the fun.

Adam, Jenn and the boys met us at the beach and we were able to get some good pictures.

We stole this picture idea from the Swansons;-) And ended up getting a good shot of the cousins.
A good shot of Tobie and the kids.

Ivy in all of her pink.
I really enjoyed our trip and hope to keep in up for many years to come! Luckily this year was not too cold and we managed to stay for awhile. I remember Ivy's first year was so cold we ran out took our pictures and ran back to the car. I had to keep her inside my coat it was so cold!!! Gotta love Galveston in the winter! Never know what you will get.

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    I really like the pictures!!
    It's so cute :)