Friday, June 17, 2011

Grass Fire

Today as we were heading to the store we ran into a grass fire on El Dorado an the 45 feeder. All I could get a picture of was the road block. But when I got by I could see how big it was. The smoke was slowing down traffic both directions on 45.

A vivid memory from my childhood was a prayer from the alter at a church in New Brunsfuls. They were praying for rain. I remember finding that strange at the time because what kid wants rain while you are on vacation tubing ....but I also remember bumping my butt on the rocks that year, and having to pick up the tube and walk when we should have been floating.

Now as an adult I understand the prayer as a congregation and hope today the Lord is hearing the many prayers that I am sure are being said across our drought stricken area.

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