Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot Stuff

Izaac likes hot things. Dips, sauces, candy etc. We were at Mooya the the day and he was having his normal hot dog...and if you know Mooya it's a crime not to have a burger. Well, Ivy got a burger an offered Izaac a taste, Izaac said if he could put Tobasco on it he would eat it. Sure, more power to ya.

It worked!

He then goes on to tell us that if he is allowed to put hot sauce on things he did not "like" that he would probably eat them. No problem, we can handle that. He even said he would try peas again (big failure, peas + hot sauce = ick).

Tobie tells Izaac that he can have his own shelf in the pantry so he can collect his sauces...this went over well. And he has been eating more new things with sauce added. Peppers are full of vit C right:-) He only has three bottles, but the quest has begun for strange and interesting bottles.

My kid raising tip that I live by (and you can tell by Ivy's outfits) is pick your battles.

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