Friday, November 28, 2008

Glasses and Patches

Some of you know and some of you don't know that we have started a new adventure in our life. Eyeglasses and patches for Izaac. So the story goes...a few weeks ago I get a call from Izaac's school nurse. He failed his eye test. Her results showed that Izaac's right eye was only seeing at 20/60, but his left eye is 20/20. So I made a call to the eye doctor and got an appointment for the following Monday. We go in and the doctor confirms what the school nurse found. What he least what I understand is that Izaac's right eye never made the connections it needed to see correctly, and therefore his left eye has been compensating for the right eyes failures. And even with the glasses they could only correct his right eyes vision to 20/50, not good! At this point I was quite upset because I sat through his whole eye exam and could see just how bad his right eye was, and I was wondering to myself why had we not picked up on the problem. You would think he would have problems with physical activities or sitting too close to the tv or something. But the doctor said that there really was nothing we could have noticed. I heard him, but I still was upset with myself, thinking that we missed something. So anyway that was Monday, and Tuesday we picked up the glasses and started the whole routine. The first night did not go well. After we put the patch on, he actually sat at the kitchen table and sobbed because he could not see the tv. It just broke my heart. But it has been going well. Izaac does not have to wear the patch to school, gymnastics or while doing physical activities like riding his bike...which leads me into the accident.

So here is my bad mom story for this month. On Monday of this week, I had the all the kids, Izaac, Ivy, Kyle and Tyler. We had a really good day and around 2pm we finally decided we would go outside to play. Well in the confusion of getting everyones socks and shoes on I forgot to take off Izaac's patch and he forgot to remind me. Well, with the patch on Izaac has a HUGE blind spot, and well, Ivy was in it. Izaac was actually looking at me and when he turned his face forward it was too late to stop and he slammed into the side of Ivy and her tricycle. She went flying and you can see the results on her face. I am so thankful she was on her tricycle, because it could have been so much worse that when I think about it it makes me sick to my stomach. I saw the whole thing and it was like watching a movie in slow motion. I knew what was coming but could not react fast enough. That is a time when you really can see the delay in the brains response time between what you realize is going to happen and your body doing somethin about it.

So the adventure continues. We go back to the eye doctor on December 11th to have his vision retested. So pray that his brain and eye do what they need to and we can get him out of the patches soon.


  1. Life is not complete without a few scars...

  2. Oh, poor little girl! I am so sorry to hear that Isaaz is having to go through this. I am sure it must be hard on him. Don't beat yourself up, I have learned that even the most attentive parents can't catch everything. I know the feeling though, there have been so many times that the doctors have pointed something out that is wrong with Samuel and I had no idea! I will be praying that the patching does the trick and his eyesight improves quickly!


  3. That's a pretty detailed story u came up with there... Sorry! I'm not buying it! I think this warrants a call to someone who can investigate this further... HMMMM...
    The pictures of this kid are shocking!!!