Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Three Crazy Weekends!

So I have already tried writing this blog once...and at that time it would have been only two crazy weekends. But seeing that many of you are bolggers yourself, you will understand when I say "The site ate my blog." I had the whole thing written including four pictures, I was making adjustments to it and then...gone. So this is going to be a quick run down of the following three weekends. And let me preface it with saying I am glad that we did it all and had a good time, but sitting here right now I am exhausted.

Three weekends ago...

Shelly and the kids came for a visit. We managed a trip to the Dewberry farm and had a wonderful time. The last time we went I was BIG pregnant with Ivy, and I would have said that I would not go again. Knowing that I might have had a slight bias due to the fact that I was HUGE and hated every picture of me, we went because Shelly wanted to go. We love Shelly, so off we went. Well we had a fabulous time...and not just because I was not gargantuan but because they actually stepped it up and the place is well worth the money. Shelly made the cutest dresses for the girls. Don't they just look sweet:-) During our walk back from the pumpkin patch all four kids shoved themselves into the went bad quickly.

Two weekends ago...

Garage sale. No, it was not fun. No, I did not get enough sleep. But we did get much need "junk" out of the house and made $350 in the meantime...enough said.

Last weekend...Halloween and Ivy's non-party, Birthday celebration and Travis' wedding in San Antonio.

Even though Ivy will not be officially 2 until the 8th of November, we went ahead and celebrated early. On Ivy's real Birthday, Adam would have been working, and we like to plan around him so he can be included in the festivities. So Friday night we did the whole trick-or-treat birthday party for Ivy. If you normally get invited to the kids parties, please do not feel slighted...We decided against the big party and opted for only family. Mainly to maintain what little sanity we have left. We then left early Saturday for Travis' wedding in San Antonio. We had a wonderful time, and hope to get back to that area again. I will post wedding and birthday photos in the up coming blogs:-)

So now Wednesday is almost over and the weekend is sneaking back up on us. This is my prayer for the weekend...Dear Lord, Let the nights be long, let my kids sleep past 7:30am and let us not have to go anywhere. Amen

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