Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Girl Hair Cut

Ivy got her first "Big Girl" hair cut on Thursday. I have been putting it off because our first experience was such an unpleasant one. So much so that I resorted to trimming it myself. There are definitely reasons you have to go to school to cut hair;-) I have been getting increasingly tired of the mullet look and having to hide it with piggy tails, and I did not know how to fix it. So, enough was enough and I stopped in at Cool Cuts for Kids, even though I felt they were over was worth every penny!
She sat in a car without even flinching and then proceeded to "drive" her car while watching the Cars movie. The lady said the only way to get rid of the mullet was to take it up so there was not a drastic length change from the sides to the back. I am pleased with the result, and will be taking her back there for all of her hair cuts.
It is short, but still long enough to put in piggy tails. And this cut, looks a lot better down. She is even showing more interest in her hair and let daddy put clips in it...this could mean trouble:-)

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