Friday, May 29, 2009


Izaac has been fighting a virus basically all week. He went to school Tuesday not feeling great and the school nurse called me at 1:45 to say he had a fever and he needed to be picked up. He spent Wednesday home with Tobie, seemed to be feeling better, by dinner time he seemed to be fine. Thursday, 5:20 am he wakes up to puke. He pukes again at 6:35am, and still has a fever, so he stays home another day, only this time with Papa. By mid morning he is feeling great. He eats two whole peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, washes it down with sprite and proceeds to feel great! They decide to try some fishing...why waste a perfectly good day off of school. They fish, his fever spikes again, he spends the rest of the early evening on the couch. By that night we thought he was back to his old self, torturing his sister and running around like a mad man. He wakes up this morning with yet another fever. Tobie takes him to the pediatrician. His ears, eyes, nose and throat all check out clean. By 9am he is feeling great...see a pattern.

The picture above is after this afternoon of supposed good health. Tobie turned around and he was gone...fever, headache and exhaustion returned.

Besides being sick, the bad part is all of the stuff Izaac missed this week. He had his final show at gymnastics where he would earn his medal. Then today he missed his "Elegant Day" at school. He was going to wear a suit, dance with a girl and eat "fancy" food (this replaces kindergarten graduation). I feel bad for him. Hopefully this bug will let up soon, but now he is complaining his throat hurts...

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